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Cosmic Josh Crypto Zippo (Dikasso)
Cosmic Josh Crypto Zippo by Dikasso

Blockchain and NFTs

This section is dedicated to crypto art and NFTs (non fungible tokens). It hosts some of the works which form part of my growing portfolio in the digital, blockchain world. I'm a real believer in the future of this space and I think it can be extremely transformative in the lives of creative people around the world, amongst many others. Looking forward to the developments which can come from this. 

If you would like to purchase/collect any of my art as an NFT, feel free to head over to my Rarible page where I have a number of works minted at different prices (in Ethereum), as well as a growing collection of cool art made by other artists I want to support. I'll be gradually tokenising my art which will be created through the combination of both traditional and digital methods. 



Cosmic Josh Rarible Bio


My most recent mint is 'Tribelephant', of which there are 10 copies available at 0.76ETH each. Purchase comes with an unlockable high quality file for print (2787 x 3849). Also open to offers. I will be doing a future 3 edition mint of this piece which will include a UV tapestry/wallhanging of the piece (approx 1.5x2m). More info soon. 


Tribelephant NFT - Cosmic Josh

You can have a look at 'Tribelephant' on Rarible here.


This became one of my first experiment projects with NFTs and simple animation techniques to create some trippy work out of the photographs captured on my phone. Creating these has helped me get a better grasp of the minting process with NFTs, as well as how to create GIFs and short looping pieces. 

Trippy Sh*t Loop - Cosmic Josh   

If you have any questions or would like to bid on any of my art, you can DM me directly through Twitter with offers instead of spending a ton on gas fees, which are ridiculously high at the moment. 

Twitter: @artcosmicjosh

Blankos Block Party

Blankos Block Party Grand Gambit - jhcosmic

Grand Gambit (vibe collect) - jhcosmic

I've never been a huge gamer but every once in a while something catches my attention. Since I discovered blockchain and NFTs I got excited about the possibility for gaming and waited for a game that I liked the look of to come out. Then I found Blankos Block Party. Knowing I could own the assets I purchase in the game, and to be able to build my own maps, as well as the whole visual style caught my attention straight away and I began investing in the Founder's Packs. Since open Beta launched, I've become completely immersed in the building side of the game, and now have around 12 maps published.

You can check out all of my created maps on Blankos Junction @ 

If you're interested to play Blankos Block Party, it's free to download (only available for PC currently). Find out more by heading over to the Blankos website

Blankos Block Party Block Raid - jhcosmic

Block Raid (FFA shooter) - jhcosmic

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