Block Raid - jhcosmicBlock Raid - jhcosmic

Since the game launched open beta, I've spent more time building maps than playing the game. Really pleased with the feedback received so far. Thank you to everyone who has supported me and helped me become a better builder. The Blankos community is really awesome. 

I've never been a huge gamer but every once in a while something catches my attention. Since I discovered blockchain and NFTs I got excited about the possibility for gaming and waited for a game that I liked the look of to come out. Then I found Blankos Block Party. Knowing I could own and trade the assets I purchase in the game, and to be able to build my own maps, as well as the whole visual style caught my attention straight away and I began investing in the Founder's Packs. Since open Beta launched, I've become completely immersed in the building side of the game.

You can check out all of my created maps below with their links to Blankos Junction @ 

If you're interested to play Blankos Block Party, it's free to download (only available for PC currently). Find out more by heading over to the Blankos website

Blankos Blocks:


Blankos join 4 mischievous mice in a massive fridge raid. What a mess you all made…😅

There is another published free for all version of this map called ‘Refrigeraiders FFA’

Type: Shooter (Team or FFA)
Players: 6-24
Time: 4:20

Refrigeraiders (jhcosmic)

Refrigeraiders - Blankos Junction

JUNCTION 3021 (coming soon)

Type: Race (3 laps)
Players: 4-16
Time: 2:30

Junction 3021 (jhcosmic)

Junction 3021 - Blankos Junction


A big, colourful playground for a good old Blankos run around.

Type: Race
Players: 5-20
Time: 3:30

Blankoland (jhcosmic)

Blankoland - Blankos Junction


Mad Hatter tea party map for the Whale Community 1st birthday event, hosted together with the dolphins, sharks and whales of the community, along with community leader Alegria and of course the one and only WhaleShark himself. Collect the most vibes within the time!

Tip: There’s 365 vibes and one secret one to make it 375 😉

Type: Vibe Collect
Players: 4-18
Time: 4:20

Whale Hatter Tea Party (jhcosmic)

Whale Hatter Tea Party - Blankos Junction


A magical forest team shooter map with plenty of big trees (can be entered for hiding/finding loot), mushrooms, fairy lights, and crystals to give the sensation of being immersed in a fairy-tale woodland. Recommended for 6 players minimum or at least 3 on each team. Jetpacks allowed. Don’t get too lost down the Rabbithole!

Type: Shooter (Teams)
Players: 6-20
Time: 3:30

Rabbithole (jhcosmic)

Rabbithole - Blankos Junction


Entry for the E1337 Pro Blankos Build Challenge (12-18th April 2021). The conditions – taken from E1337 official Discord:

‘Date- 12th through the 18th
Goal- You are to make a 2v2 shooter map with a 1337 theme!
Prizes- 150 $1337 will be given to the 3 winning contestants!

The map should be fun and as balanced as possible, while having a nice sleek look to it. The maps will be show cased on a live stream where the community can come together and vote on the 3 winners! The 3 winning maps will be planned into future Blankos events for the community to compete on! We cant wait to see everyone’s creativity unveiled next week!


I went for a cinema/theatre style environment to create a close quarter shooter with many spots to get cover or resupply with ammo. Jetpacks included to give players full freedom to easily access the whole space.

Type: Shooter 
Players: 2v2
Time: 5:00

E1337 Premiere (jhcosmic)

E1337 Premiere - Blankos Junction


My main FOLS challenge entry. This map was designed initially to be a dark dungeon with a skeleton and souls theme but I went ahead and created a deeper, lighter story by adding a doorway to an alternate happy reality where everything is colourful, lovely and bouncy, as well as potion table and crystal ball as evidence of a dark wizard’s workings. The dungeon keeper protects the soul’s cure for darkness.

Type: Vibe Collect
Players: 2-16
Time: 5:30

The Dungeon Keeper (jhcosmic)

The Dungeon Keeper - Blankos Junction


A lost temple themed map with moving blocks (my first with the new props). Collect 360 vibes in 360 seconds as you make your way through the depths of the temple rooms to the finish line by the hidden treasure chest. FOLS challenge entry.

Type: Vibe Collect/Race
Players: 2-12
Time: 6:00

Lost Temple (jhcosmic)

Lost Temple - Blankos Junction


Get your race on while an octopus has a tea party in the local baths. A particularly slippery ride, so watch out for those tentacles!

Type: Race
Players: 2-20
Time: 2:30

A Tea Party (jhcosmic)

A Tea Party - Blankos Junction


‘WHALE MINER’ is a Vibe collect (or mining :)) map in a crystal/gold mine carried by a hungry whale. Start in the depths of the crystal mines and find your way out up the melting pot to collect the remaining Vibes above ground. Keep grinding or another Blanko may get there first.

Guns scattered to help you prevent other Blankos from getting their Vibes. Beware though, get too lost in shooting and there may not be enough time on the clock for you to complete the mining mission!

Type: Vibe Collect
Players: 2-15
Time: 6 minutes

Whale Miner (jhcosmic)

Whale Miner (jhcosmic) - Blankos Junction


Freeway 2 is an extension of my idea for the first Freeway map I made. This one a fast paced flying map with vibe collect as the primary challenge and completing the race within the time as the secondary. This map is also released as a race only map – Freeway 2 [Race Only] – so feel free to check that out as well if you don’t feel like doing the vibe challenge.

Type: Vibe collect/Race
Time: 3 minutes
Accessories: Jetpack

Freeway 2 - jhcosmic (Blankos Block Party)

Freeway 2 - Blankos Junction


This is my VDAY Challenge entry, called ‘Angry Cupid’. The new social distancing rules are not going down well and Cupid has ended up with a rather large stack of love and plenty of arrows for its delivery. Why not cheer Cupid up by helping to collect and spread some of that built up love?

If you’re quick there’s a possibility to pick up a Cupid bow at the start of the race which you can use to pick off other players as you zoom up through the clouds.

Type: Flying race (good for both noobs and speedrunners)
Time: 3:30
Players: 4-16

Angry Cupid - jhcosmic

Angry Cupid (jhcosmic) - Blankos Junction



Block Raid is a nighttime FFA shooter map based in the city. Here you’ll find a hotel, club, clothing store, apartment block, diner, basketball court, all of which can be entered to hide from your enemies or discover awesome loot. Block Raid is a place where Blankos come together and cause an up-stir in an already buzzing environment. The Blankos are taking over!

Type: Shooter

Players: 6-24
Time: 5:00

Block Raid - jhcosmic (Blankos Block Party)

Block Raid (jhcosmic) - Blankos Junction


Freeway is one of my earlier maps I created before getting involved in the winter build challenge and never properly published. It’s a triple layer race with all sorts of obstacles to keep it interesting. This is the map where I learnt that the brick is very inefficient, so the map ended up being shorter than I wanted. Hope you find some enjoyment in it either way!

Type: Race
Players: 2-20
Time: 2 Minutes

Freeway (jhcosmic)

Freeway (jhcosmic) - Blankos Junction


‘LOVE GARDEN’ is a Valentines Day theme vibe collect map. Teams of 2 (1-2 players on each team – singles or couples ;)). First team to collect 800 vibes in 5 minutes wins. There’s one grenade launcher that spawns at each base with 90 seconds between each respawn. The idea is that one person works with the grenade launcher to protect the other on the team while they both collect vibes, or you risk not having the grenade launcher so you can focus on collecting vibes. The last vibe heart is collected from the opposite team’s base, hopefully adding some incentive to defend the side you’re allocated for the game.

Type: Vibe Collect
Players: 2-4 (1-2 players each side)
Time: 5 Minutes

Love Garden (jhcosmic)

Love Garden (jhcosmic) - Blankos Junction


A fun day at the beach turned into a scene of chaos as pirates invade to pick up the hidden treasure. Meanwhile, a huge shark is alerted by the ship’s cannons and tries to consume you as you try to escape through the top of the lighthouse.

Type: Race
Time: 3:00
Players: 5-16

Beach Vibes (jhcosmic)

Beach Vibes (jhcosmic) - Blankos Junction


‘Grand Gambit’ is a game of both skill and chance. Rolling dice, roulette chips, a chessboard and playing cards set the theme for this fast-paced vibe collect block. Focus on your moves, jumping and strategy to collect as many vibes as you can scattered across the map before the time runs out!

Type: Vibe Collect
Players: 4-16
Time: 2:00

Grand Gambit (jhcosmic)

Grand Gambit (jhcosmic) - Blankos Junction