Space Creation #2

I'm super excited to finally be working with wood and have recently designed some laser cut pieces which will be used for an upcoming stage design project. It will include a video mapping which I am also currently working hard to create. 

It can sometimes get overwhelming when I start to think about all the different jobs I am trying to manage, but this reminds me to take things step by step. To just focus on working. Usually things work out if you persist and are determined enough to make them work. Having a goal is important but if we only focus on the end result, we can lose the patience needed to achieve it.

This is why I have not been rushing too much to get this project done. Even though I have been wanting to get further into it, I have been concentrating on solving other aspects of my work to make the later happenings flow more efficiently. 

Anyway, the stage will initially consist of around 22 geometric pieces that will connect together. I've calculated a design up to 40 pieces but the idea is that I could use as many pieces as I want. These pieces can be held into different arrangements through a number of connecting panels that hold 2 edges of 2 separate panels together. The panels will also be painted and have a special mapping designed for them. That's the jist of it anyway. 

Bye for now.