Pre-quarantine Projects

Lockdown has been going on for almost 2 months now and there have been changes in the rhythms of everyone's lives. It has been a time of big reflection for me and has only made me realise further the importance of art in a world that very much needs it. It needs it to heal and bring positivity into people's lives so that we can be inspired to be the thriving beings we are capable of being.

I was on such a good wave of workflow right before quarantine started and had this lycra project developing for an event which was coming up at the time. It was really exciting to see it coming together and then due to everything getting cancelled and put into lockdown, my motivation dropped, as I started to wonder what the fuck to do. All my jobs had disappeared. It was worrying for a while, but as the days went by I became more focused on pieces of myself and my work.

I've had a few down moments during this time but even with all the chaos going on, there has been a kind of sudden silence in the world that has meant way less distractions for me. I don't believe this will last forever, but it has put certain things into perspective. If we remove ourselves for all the noise in the world, we create a clearer space in which to see and develop ourselves. There is so much going on around us that we often forget to look inside. This has also been a great time for me to finish up some works that I didn't have time for before so I'm really grateful for that. 

Anyway, I thought I would share this time lapse clip of me painting a piece of lycra in preparation for what would have been a super event (to be continued...). Such fun. Stay safe out there, and wish you all the best. Peace.