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NFTs for Sale including my own works and those collected from other artists.

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Cosmic Josh Crypto Zippo (Dikasso)
Cosmic Josh Crypto Zippo by Dikasso

Blockchain and NFTs

This section is dedicated to crypto art and NFTs (non fungible tokens). It hosts some of the works which form part of my growing portfolio in the digital, blockchain world. I'm a real believer in the future of this space and I think it can be extremely transformative in the lives of creative people around the world, amongst many others. Looking forward to the developments which can come from this. 

If you would like to purchase/collect any of my art as an NFT, feel free to head over to my Rarible page where I have a number of works minted at different prices (in Ethereum), as well as a growing collection of cool art made by other artists I want to support. I'll be gradually tokenising my art which will be created through the combination of both traditional and digital methods. 

LINK: app.rarible.com/jhcosmic/collectibles 


Cosmic Josh Rarible Bio


My most recent mint is 'Tribelephant', of which there are 10 copies available at 0.76ETH each. Purchase comes with an unlockable high quality file for print (2787 x 3849). Also open to offers. I will be doing a future 3 edition mint of this piece which will include a UV tapestry/wallhanging of the piece (approx 1.5x2m). More info soon. 

Tribelephant NFT - Cosmic Josh

You can have a look at 'Tribelephant' on Rarible here.

What is the Rarible platform?

(excerpt taken from Kraken.com)

'Rarible is a software allowing digital artists and creators to issue and sell custom crypto assets that represent ownership in their digital work. 

Of note, Rarible is both a marketplace for those assets, as well as a distributed network built on Ethereum that enables their trade without a middleman.

The tokens that creators generate on Rarible are known as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Each NFT is unique, and unlike bitcoin (or other units of money), they are not interchangeable. This property is known as fungibility, which is why tokens on Rarible are called non-fungible. 

The first and best known example of NFTs is CryptoKitties, a game where virtual cats could be bought and sold. These NFTs could even “breed” with one another to create new cats with different attributes represented in their NFTs.

However, Rarible is proof NFTs have since grown beyond virtual cats. Examples of NFTs found on Rarible’s marketplace include digital artworks, memes and even parcels of virtual land.

Central to the platform is RARI, Rarible’s cryptocurrency. By owning RARI tokens, users can vote on proposals that affect the platform, moderate creators and curate featured artwork.'

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